E-Issues Info — Mission & Schedule

E-Issues is Global Art Daily’s newest vehicle for amplifying local voices from the global art world. Every E-Issue will focus on a specific city or cluster of cities (e.g. AUH/DXB), and will highlight people and institutions that make up its local creative scene. 


We understand travel might be reserved for the few. We are hoping our E-Issues will give readers the opportunity to travel continents and understand the cultural climate of different cities from the inside out. 

Our goal is to present to our readers a portrait of a city they would not necessarily be able to Google. To do so, our Editorial Board invites artists for in-depth interviews and discusses at length their different experiences relevant to their specific art scene. Our recurring sections are What’s On, Pop(Corn), and Rapport. For each E-Issue, we will curate a selection of exhibitions to visit, interview an artist, and present an analytical overview of a city’s cultural scene.

Because of their digital format, we consider E-Issues as living documents open to amendments and changes post-publication. We will not remove an article after it is published, but we might add new articles to an E-Issue (e.g. E-Issue 01 ++) after its publication.  

We aim to be a platform for artists, curators, fashion designers, stylists, art directors, musicians, content creators, and other creatives alike to speak about their own environments. We place high importance on working collaboratively. We seek genuine and long-lasting relationships between our contributors, readers, and the artists and institutions supporting us.

E-Issues Schedule 2020-2021

Global Art Daily’s E-Issues will be published twice a year. Because of the lengthy process of sourcing submissions and creating articles, please allow us empty of time to come up with new issues.

AUH/DXB Summer 2020

NYC Winter 2020-21

TYO Summer 2021

In between E-Issues, Open Call will be our main source of submission to showcase exciting artists and projects around the globe. 

Welcome to the (rest of the) world.

Global Art Daily E-Issues is made possible thanks to ad-honorem staff writers, content creators, and editors based between Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the U.S. To support our mission or collaborate on a specific project, please reach out to our team via info@globalartdaily.com.