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Summer/Fall 2020 
  1. Editor’s Note 
  2. What’s On in the UAE
  3. Pop(Corn): Hashel Al Lamki
  4. Tailoring in Abu Dhabi  
  5. Rapport: Dubai 
  6. Michael Rakowitz From the Diaspora
    NYC Shirin Neshat In Conversation with Sophie Arni and Ev Zverev 
    PAR Hottest Spices: Michèle Lamy
    BER Slavs and Tatars: “Pulling a Thread to Undo The Sweater”
   AUH Abu Dhabi Is The New Calabasas
    DXB Sa Tahanan Collective Redefines Home for Filipino Artists
   SHJ Sharjah Art Foundation Jets Ahead on the Flying Saucer
    AUH SEAF Cohort 7 at Warehouse 421 
    DXB 101 Strikes Again with Second Sale at Alserkal Avenue
    DXB Spotlight on Dubai Design Week 2020
    DXB Melehi’s Waves Complicate Waving Goodbye
    DXB Kanye Says Listen to the Kids: Youth Takeover at Jameel Arts Centre
    DAM Investigating the Catalogues of the National Museum of Damascus
    AUH Ogamdo: Crossing a Cultural Highway between Korea and the UAE
    TYO James Jarvis Presents Latest Collages at 3110NZ
    DXB Do You See Me How I See You?
    DXB Thaely Kicks Off Sustainable Sneakers
    AUH BAIT 15 Welcomes New Member Zuhoor Al Sayegh
    MIA a_part Gives Artists 36 Hours to React

    UAE Tawahadna Introduces MENA Artists to a Global Community
    LHR/CAI Alaa Hindia’s Jewelry Revives Egyptian Nostalgia
    DXB Taaboogah Infuses Comedy Into Khaleeji Menswear
    DXB Meet Tamila Kochkarova Behind ‘No Boys Allowed’
    DXB Alserkal Arts Foundation Presents Mohamed Melehi
    AUH/DXB 101 Pioneers Ethical and Curious Art Collecting
    AUH Sarah Almehairi Initiates Conversations
    DXB Augustine Paredes Taking Up Space
    LHR/MCT Hanan Sultan Rhymes Frankincense with Minimalism
    BEY GAD Map: Arts & Culture Relief for Beirut

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Hottest Spices: Michèle Lamy

By Global Art Daily Editorial Board

Published on September 1st, 2018
Originally published in GAD Magazine Issue 02 (Fall 2018).

        We are very excited to reveal our exclusive interviews for Global Art Daily Issue 02: Michèle Lamy and Maria Koch, two women who represent –– in our eyes –– the spiciest of the spicy creative women. Michèle is an icon. Her lifelong work has permitted her to achieve true creative freedom. How often do you meet a French businesswoman who wears a du-rag and gold teeth? Did we forget to mention her signature khol line along her forehead and stained fingertips, which bear witness to the grounding she has as a person and creative genius? Next to the fiery Lamy, Maria Koch might represent a milder spice. But her creative vision should not be underestimated. She’s at the helm of 032c Apparel, one of the hottest streetwear brands right now. 

Both women were generous enough to take some time off their busy schedule and share some of their favorite things, from places they traveled to to the women who inspire them the most. 

Nota bene: we define spicy women as creative women at the height of their respective disciplines who aren’t afraid to blend their core practice with other creative disciplines, such as fashion, art, film, music, interior designing, merchandising, journalism, and performance to create objects and experiences that stand true to their undefinable mixes of tastes.

Read GAD Magazine Issue 02 in full here.
Many thanks to Michèle Lamy.
This article, entitled “Hottest Spices” originally appeared in GAD Magazine Issue 02, All Girls Are Spicy, Fall 2018. Printed in Japan.