Open Call — Policy

We welcome submissions throughout the year in the form of article pitches, written manuscripts, portfolio presentations, lookbooks, and press releases for new exhibitions and events. 

Global Art Daily’s Instagram page will be the main platform to highlight Open Call submissions in between the releases of E-Issues. Submissions may also be considered for publication in current E-Issues.

Reviewed by our Editorial Board

We carefully review every submission we receive and decide as a team whether to go forward with publication. For selected submissions, we will consult on which publication format would best suited and suggest any edits before publication. Please allow up to 2 months between the dates of submission and publication.

Geographical Reach

We do not have any geographical restrictions. Please submit from anywhere in the world. Our multilingual team will assist you.

However, we will follow the general guideline of our E-Issues Schedule when selecting and curating submissions. For the Summer/Fall 2020, we are favoring submissions from the UAE and the broader Middle East, including from the global Arab diaspora. To be of Arab origin is not necessary. A meaningful connection to the Middle East and/or Arab culture is sufficient.

Types of Submissions

We accept the following submissions:

From Art/Fashion/Cultural Critics:
  • Article Manuscripts in English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese 
  • Pitches for in-depth articles on a specific city’s art scene

From Artists:
  • Texts: Poems, Essays, Reflections, Manifesto
  • Images: High-Resolution Images of Original Artwork(s)
  • Video and Audio Recordings
        usually accompanied with an invitation to interview the artist

From Galleries and Museums:
  • Press Releases for Upcoming Exhibitions
  • Press Releases for New Space Openings
        usually accompanied with an invitation to interview the exhibition curator and/or gallery owner(s)

From Fashion Content Creators, Stylists, and Producers:
  • High-Resolution Fashion Photography
  • Pitches for Editorial Photoshoots, including Stylist, Photographer and Model Names

Get in Touch

If you fall within these categories, please send your submission to with the subject title "Open Call Submission". A member of the Global Art Daily team will be in touch shortly.